verticals and use-cases

Agent-based data exchange control provides critical infrastructure for a vast array of commercial use-cases


B2B Data Contracts

Contract Automation

Legally valid contract automation across complex organizations and network federations of enterprises

API Contracts

Automated technology where web data is governed by human-readable, legally binding, automated contracts

Data Automation

Self-validating human readable contracts automate data exchange under existing legal agreements



Cryptographically signed human readable legal agreements for DAO legal compliance internal coordination and NFT copyright


Consumer Data Quality

Bad data costs the average enterprise $15M/year
23% of revenue globally and $3.1T/year in the US alone

Co-managed Data

Voluntary 1st party data is more accurate and the basis for the trust-based marketing relationship all companies want

Personal Data Control

“Co-managed data” solves a large number of interrelated personal data privacy issues

Regulatory Compliance

Personal data control is now legally required for all corporations that do business in the EU under GDPR and new directives

Buying Intent

User control over selectively sharing their own purchasing intent with brands as an alternative to profiling and tracking

User-controlled Ad Prefs

User control over personal ad preferences across the internet safely delivers only the ads you want, when you want them

IoT Trust

Individual control over the data gathered by their own IoT devices will be a crucial for adoption once people have a choice


Electronic Medical Records

HIPAA law now mandates that patients own their own medical records and can delegate sharing between doctors, hospitals, labs and clinicians



Where data came from, where it was reposted, and by whom


Data provenance as a service with interoperable data exchange across sources, sites and blockchains

Supply Chain

Interoperable signed automated data exchange layer provides data integrity validation across systems and chains

Social Media

Data provenance as a service with interoperable data exchange across platforms and blockchains


Scientific Data

Climate Science and Mitigation

CO2 equivalent data exchange verification and validation prior to writing carbon data to blockchains

Biomedical Research and Development

Data collaboration and publishing within an IP framework that preserve patent rights for drug development

Biodiversity and Earth Sciences

Complex data sharing and integration required for place-based preservation and stakeholder resource allocation